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Legion launches PUFL campaign

Challenge coins representing each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces are available to new PUFL members.  

The American Legion has launched a campaign to build Paid-Up-For-Life (PUFL) memberships. The campaign - which began this month - features several facets.

• A PUFL Challenge Coin will be issued to individuals signing up as PUFL members. There is a challenge coin for each branch of service. Challenge coins have been a part of military service dating back to World War I, according to many sources. They're used to improve morale, foster unit cohesion, and reward hard work and exceptional performance.

• Current PUFL members are encouraged to use the PUFL Challenge Coin to challenge non-PUFL members, bringing about a friendly competition at the local level.

• When new PUFL members receive the challenge coin in the mail, a thank-you letter from American Legion National Commander Jimmie Foster will accompany the coin - along with a challenge to recruit another new PUFL.

• When a new PUFL membership is paid, either in full or through the 36-month payment plan option, a packet will be mailed to the member and will include a plastic PUFL membership card and PUFL lapel/cap pin.

• There also is a competition - which runs through July 1, 2011 - for Legion departments that is similar to the Big 12 Competition, honoring the six departments with highest total of PUFLs and goals achieved. Click here for the goals, based on membership at the 2010 Delegate Strength Target Date. winners will receive $1,000, and the department commanders will be recognized by state during the 2011 National Convention in Minneapolis. Non-winning departments may qualify for a plaque, as well as recognition in Legion media, if they reach 100 percent of their goal.

• Legionnaires recruiting 10 new PUFL members will receive a PUFL recruiter polo shirt and a certificate, and will be recognized Legion media. Click here for the certification form.

• Legionnaires recruiting 25 new PUFL members will receive a master PUFL recruiter Legion cap.

• The top PUFL recruiter in the Legion will receive an all-expense-paid trip to the 2011 National Convention for four days, where they will be recognized on stage.

• The October renewal notice mailing also will contain a PUFL insert.

Participate in the PUFL program, and you'll stop receiving renewal notices from National Headquarters and having to write checks every year for your dues. There is no more wondering, "Did I renew my membership or not?" It's one less thing to worry about each year. And in these lean economic times, a 36-month payment plan is in place to ease some of the financial impact of becoming a PUFL member.

But being a PUFL member is much more than a mere convenience. It's a lifetime commitment to our organization, one that says, "I believe in The American Legion and what it's doing. I'm in this for the long haul." Your membership dues go toward funding our various programs. They make it possible to provide department service officers to assist veterans with their claims. They help fund our Children and Youth programs. They allow us to impact the lives of veterans, servicemembers and their families, and children of all ages across the country. By signing up as a PUFL member, you're making a long-term commitment to helping fund those programs.

For more information about the PUFL competition contact Dave Elmore by phone at (317) 630-1376 or by e-mail.

To download a PUFL application, click here.

For more information about the PUFL program, click here.